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What's new in version 7

Mail profiles

A mail profile can be set to be applied automatically after the recipients or the sender of an email are changed. The previous behavior (applying the changes only once after the email was created) is still available and now it's possible to turn off mail profiles entirely.

These are the changes to mail profiles:

  • added search in mail profiles manager window;
  • added a new column to show the email filter for each profile in mail profiles manager window;
  • added option to apply the profile filter to send as email address;
  • added option to automatically reply to all;
  • moved the option to include the notes in replies or forwards to mail profiles to allow more control over when it will be enabled;
  • added option to change the flag to completed or clear it after sending a reply or forward from a flagged email;
  • added options to include contact's title in greeting and use an alternative greeting text when a contact for a recipient is found;
  • added option to set the folders where to search for contacts when a greeting is created;
  • added new formats for date (Month(full) Day, Year, Month(short) Day, Year, System date format) and time (hh:mm, h:mm AM/PM) stamps with previews for each format;
  • added option to enable a global collection for signatures available to all mail profiles;
  • performance improvements when applying a mail profile;


Templates can be created and updated directly from the email editor by selecting content and using New template from selection and Update template from selection options under New and Edit buttons in Bells & Whistles toolbar.

In template editor when editing a template or signature a duplicate can be made using Save copy button. Also, more shortcut combinations we're made available to assign to templates.


Starting with version 7 the metrics reports include email data (Subject, Date, Sender, Recipients). Now it's possible to see the emails from which the chart data was built by simply clicking on a data point.

Emails age is a new chart in the metrics report showing how old are the emails found in the selected folder(s) relative to a given date.

Work hours can be defined in metrics settings and used in reply stats or emails age charts for a better representation of how long it takes to reply to or process emails.

These are the rest of changes in metrics:

  • changed categories filter to allow multiple selection;
  • added option to include emails based on email addresses found in To, Cc, Bcc or From fields;
  • email address filters in exclude/include options can be restricted to specific email fields by using the following prefixes: to:, cc:, bcc: or from:;
  • added option to set how many recipients should be included in Top recipients list in metrics report;
  • added option to replace sender email address with reply to email address for emails received from certain email addresses;
  • added option to continue if an error occurs while gathering metrics report data;
  • performance improvements when creating a new metrics report in an Outlook profile with a lot of mailboxes and folders in each mailbox;

Other changes

  • added sender email address in print selection email header;
  • added option to automatically dismiss reminders containing certain keywords;
  • added option to block/move emails to contextual menu in Outlook
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